360° Camera Reward

360 Image

Upload Five Business Places to Go for Leisure & Pleasure, then simply encourage the Business's to Subscribe to 1st Year Membership at the cost of only £99.00 for One Year and once all have subscribed, and their Subscription is paid in full, you will be Rewarded with a 360° Camera for FREE!         

Once you gain your Free 360° Action Camera, why not put it to good use, and earn some extra money. Let us explain, if for example you were to return and approach the Five Business's that you encouraged to Subscribe to Membership, you could offer them the service's of producing a 360° Photographic, or Video Shoot of the interior of their Establishment by taking up to eight 360° photographs which are then uploaded to Google Street View Maps either directly, or to their Business Listing on Google, and, or the production of a 360° live action video of their Business Establishment which is then uploaded to Youtube, and Facebook.

We can also supply the Business with a collection of the 360º Images that have been taken by you to share on Social Media, Facebook, and Twitter etc, for the mere cost of £49.00, for which you will receive 50% of the amount paid by the Business.

All you need to do is take up to eight 360° Photos of the interior, and exterior of the Establishment, or a 360° Live Action Video of the interior of the Establishment, then send the photos, or the Video to us using the WeTransfer File Transfer Website, and we will then edit the photographs, or Video, and then upload them to Google Street View Maps, or YouTube and Facebook.

The Business's will pay for these service's on the Website of Outyego prior to you producing either the 360° Photographic, or Video Shoot, or both, and once they have been completed and uploaded to the appropriate platforms you will then be entitled to 70% of the Amount paid for the service's produced within 30 Days of the completion process. The monies will then be paid in to your chosen PayPal Account, or will be transfered to your chosen Bank Account.

As you can see this is a win, win, win, situation for you to earn some extra cash for an hour or so of your time, and you really do not have to be a Professional Photographer, or Videographer in order to produce these service's, just simply use the Camera as you would if you were taking a photo, or video with your Mobile. Also, we are sure you will get great pleasure out of producing these service's for your Local Business's, and the Business's will also be glad you approached them in order to give them even more exposure on the internet, so start earning some extra cash now!

Please be aware that all Five Business's must have paid a First Year Subscription amount of £99.00, which OYG will upload on their behalf to the Business Directory in order for you to qualify for the Free 360º Camera Reward.

However, if any of the Business's decide to upload their Business themselves to the Business Directory at the cost of £49.00, then you will not qualify for the Free 360º Camera, but you will qualify for the 50% payment of the subscription amount they pay.

Also, please remember that you will recieve 30% of the five subscription amounts paid by each of the Business's at a cost of only £99.00, as well as your Free 360º Camera..