Ambassador Terms and Conditions


Becoming a Promotional Ambassador

In order to participate in the OutYeGo Ambassador Program, you must complete your online membership, in order to promote our services. You agree that any registration information provided to the Company will be up to date and accurate. OutYeGo reserves the right to deny entrance into its Ambassador Program.

Term of Agreement

The term of this Agreement shall be active for as long as your membership is in place with Outyego.

Ambassador Cancellation

OutYeGo or the Ambassador may cancel this Agreement for any reason without prior notice. Failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement will result in cancellation of this Agreement by Outyego. OutYeGo shall pay any pending commissions owed and outstanding to the Ambassador after the Cancellation Date. Upon cancellation by either party, Ambassador’s may not use the intellectual property of OutYeGo for the purpose of promoting our services offered through the Ambassador Program, and will cease from the date of cancellation.

Company Promotion

The Ambassador may only use the OutYeGo Promotional Literature for the purpose of promoting Outyego's website, and for linking to any other websites.
The Ambassador will not modify the Promotional Literature provided by Outyego. If an Ambassador wishes to alter or otherwise modify Promotional Literature, the Ambassador must obtain prior consent from Outyego.

Referral Fee's/Gratuity Payments/Commission

The Ambassador will be paid a referral fee gratuity payment (“Commission”), for each Business that signs up for Membership with Outyego. Commissions will be calculated as an annual renewable payment for annual paying membership.

An Ambassador who will be an OutYeGo Member and User who solely recommends a new Business to join OutYeGo simply by recommending that they join Outyego, and whereby the Ambassador will supply them with their unique reference code in order to receive a payment of Commission, currently at 60% of the subscription Fee paid, or 50% if you choose to offer a 10% Discount to the Establishment.

You will need to first of all create a Social Membership on OutYeGo for FREE before you can join the Ambassador Programme.
Upon joining the Ambassador Programme you will receive  an e mail with your Personal Reference Codes which you will need to give to the owner of the Business who wishes to Subscribe to Enlist their Establishment.
These Reference Codes will be used by the Establishment to insert in the appropriate place upon joining in order for you to receive your payment.

This Special offer for our Ambassador's will apply only to a Paid Annual Subscription, and not for a Monthly Paid Subscription.

Lastly, you will need to have a PayPal Account in order to receive your Gratuity Payments.


The Commission rate will be 60% of the Gross Membership Fee for an Ambassador Member, or 50% if you choose to offer an Establishment a 10% Discount.
OutYeGo reserves the right to change and amend the commission rate structure at any time.
Payments for renewable memberships annually will be paid at a rate of 20% of the chosen renewable membership amount.
However, to be paid on renewal subscriptions you must of at least introduced, and gained at least 12 New Business Members to Subscribe to Membership within a 12 month period from the date of starting on the Ambassador Programme.
Therefore, in order to qualify for payments on renewals you will need to at least introduce, and gain 12 new business members to subscribe to membership on an ongoing annual basis.

If an Ambassador Uploads a Business to the Business Club Directory on Outyego, and they then manage to get that Business to Subscribe to Featured Membership they will receive a 60% Gratuity payment of the Featured Subscription amount.

However, if an Ambassador manages to get a Business to Claim their Listing that may of been uploaded by another Ambassador originally to the Business Club Directory of Outyego, then the original Ambassador who uploaded the Business initially will receive 30% of the paid subscription, and the Ambassador who manages to get the Business to Subscribe to Membership will qualify for a 30% Gratuity Payment of the Featured Subscription.

Network Ambassadors

An Ambassador of OutYeGo may also choose to become a Network Ambassador in order to build up their own Team of Ambassadors. If you choose to become a Network Ambassador then you will receive a 10% payment of the chosen subscription amount that your Team Members manage to gain. This will not effect or change the amount that is paid to the Ambassador who gains the Subscription to Membership, as they will still receive their 60% Gratuity Payment of the chosen subscription amount.

Payment of Gratuity Payments

Gratuity Payments will be paid to the Ambassador at the end of each month on the 30th of each month in arrears. Gratuity Payments will be adjusted for memberships that are cancelled, or where payment is otherwise refunded to the purchaser. All payments will be made to the Ambassador’s PayPal account unless other arrangements are approved by Outyego.

Payment of Taxes and National Insurance

Ambassador's are responsible for the payment of all taxes and any National Insurance that may be applicable in their country of residence on any new business they gain, and for which they receive a commission payment.

Ambassador Licence
To enable you to conduct your marketing efforts under the Ambassador Program, OutYeGo hereby grants you a royalty free, worldwide, nonexclusive license to use the images, trademarks, trade names and logos of Outyego.

Customer Care

OutYeGo will handle all aspects of customer service for customers who purchase membership through the Ambassador Programme. OutYeGo reserve the right to change the Company’s policies and procedures, pricing structure, add or cancel any special offers, or services, or change the terms under which our services are offered at any time, without any advanced notice to the Ambassador or customers purchasing through the Ambassador’s Programme.

Duties of the Ambassador

The Ambassador is solely responsible for the promotion of Outyego's Services from the OutYeGo website in compliance with the terms and conditions of the Ambassador Program.

Liability Limitation

OutYeGo shall not be held responsible or have no liability for any misrepresentation made by any Ambassador, in order to gain new member's, it is the sole responsibility of the Ambassador.
OutYeGo assumes no liability for your failure to perform your Duties in accordance with this agreement, or any results caused by any acts, omissions or negligence by you, a subcontractor, or any agent or introducer you may use in order to gain new Business.