Business Membership Benefits

BenefitsBenefits of Business Membership

Free to join the Online Leisure Business Club Network
Post Daily in the OYG Newsfeed, for all to see Worldwide for FREE
Professional Listing within our Business Directory at a Low Annual Subscription Cost 

Social Business Page enabling interaction with Social Members for FREE
Individual Business Page Url Address on OYG for people to find you easily
Ability to upload Promotional Videos, and, or paste a Link to your YouTube Videos
Free Status Posting daily to the Newsfeed for all to see

Ability to upload Special Offers, and Meal Deals within your Listing, and the ability to Post them in the Newsfeed Daily, or Weekly

Ability to display special meal deal offers, or leisure time offers within the Auction of OYG
Ability to Add and Upload, change, or edit your own Listing using your User Name and Password
Ability to change or add any information, as you have Full Control of your Listing using your User Name and Password

Ability to Upload up to 48 Photos

Table Reservation Section for people to reserve a Table directly with your establishment with no commission payable

Uploading of all types of Menus
Star Voting System for the Public to utiilise, and vote by clicking on 1-5 Stars to Rate your Establishment

Free Window Stickers to Display in your Window stating you are a Place of Excellence

Recommendation System, as opposed to a Review System, hence, no damaging reviews, all recommendations are monitored before Approval
Recommendation Table Slips downloadable from the Website encouraging your clients to recommend you on OYG

Integration with OYG Social Members who utilise the online Leisure Club Section of Outyego
Ability to monitor and see how many times your OYG Business Listing Page has been viewed
Ability to monitor and see how many times your website has been viewed from within your Business Listing 

Forthcoming Online Auction to advertise your Special Offers, or Meal Deals to Members of the Public to Bid On, or use the Buy Now Option, starting from £1.00 per Auction Listing.

A Link to your Facebook Page, and the ability to see how many times your Facebook Page has been viewed from within your Listing
A Link to the OYG Table Reservation Page, or the Reservation Page on your Website in order for the Public to Book a Table at your Establishment

Ability to add your Twitter User Account Name, so that people can Follow you if they so choose
Subscribe Annually, or Monthly
Low Cost Local and Worldwide Marketing and Promotion of your Business

Sign up Today and Join the Leisure Business Club Network for FREE, and enlist your Business within the Business Directory to open up a Whole New World of Features to promote, and market your business on Outyego to enhance both your  Social and Business Presence for all to see Worldwide.

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