Earn Cash Rewards

Why not Start earning some Easy Cash Rewards? Upload a Place where to Eat, Drink, Dine, Stay, Socialise or Go for your leisure to the Business Directory on Outyego, and once your upload has been approved, you could in the future receive a Cash Reward if the Business claims their Listing directly by Subscribing to 1st Year Membership at a cost starting from £49.00 for the first year of subscription.

Earn Cash Rewards

Make Money 5It's so simple, anyone can upload a Place to eat, drink, dine, stay, socialise, or Go for leisure in order to gain the the chance of being financially rewarded by way of a Cash Reward, and when, or if the Business is claimed by it's rightful owner directly, then you will recieve your Cash Reward.

You need to insert your E Mail address in the appropriate place on the Upload Form so that we can reference to whom the Listing belongs to until the Business is directly Claimed. Once the Business has been    Claimed and paid for in full, you will then receive your Cash Reward.

Encourage the Business to Subscribe

You then have a choice to either wait and hope that the Business you upload Claim their Listing directly themselves, or you can encourage the Business that you have uploaded to Subscribe to First Year Membership by informing the Business that you will further recommend them on OYG, and you will promote them on your FB Page, or any other Social Networks that you may be a Member of. Therefore, the Business will benefit further from promoting, and marketing their Business to your Friends, and Followers on other Social Media Platforms. Also, the Business will be able to Add a further colossal amount of much more promotional information on OYG in order for them to have a full established Listing, thus enabling them with a far greater possibility of gaining more clients from within the Business Directory on OYG.

The Business will also benefit from having an unlimited amount of Recommendations that are made about their Establishments once they Subscribe to Membership, as Basic Uploaded Listings are limited to one published recommendation only.
The Gratuity Payments that you can earn from this process will either be paid in to your PayPal Account, or transferred to your chosen Bank Account

Also, do not forget, you will always be able to check personally whether the Business that you uploaded has been Claimed, simply by checking the Listing from time to time to see if the 'Claim this Listing' Tab is not shown within the Listing. If the 'Claim this Listing' Tab is not shown in the Listing then it means the Business has been claimed by it's rightful owner either directly by the owner, or by another Sales Person . As you can see it's a win, win, win situation for you, and the Business that you upload too!

Cash Rewards Process

If you Upload a Business to Outyego, and the Business Listing is claimed by it's Rightful Owner, then this will be the process.

If the Business claims their Listing directly themselves, and they choose a First Year Subscription of £79.00 which is uploaded by OYG, the Person who Uploaded the Business will recieve a Cash Payment of £39.00  which will be paid either in to a chosen PayPal Account, or by Bank Transfer to a chosen Bank Account

If the Business choose to upload further details themselves to their current Basic Listing, then the Business will only pay a subscription of £49.00, and the person who initially uploaded the basic listing will recieve a payment of £24.00.

However, if the Business has been claimed because they have been approached by another Sales Person who manages to sell the Subscription to the Business listed, then the original uploader will receive 10% of the subscription amount chosen, and the Sales Person who makes the sale will receive 50% of the subscription amount chosen.

The Subscription Payment chosen by the Business must be made as One Full Payment in order to qualify for the above Cash Rewards.

If the Business choose to pay on a Monthly Basis, or payment plan basis, then the Cash Rewards will only be payable to the Person that Uploaded the Business after all 12 Monthly Payments, or the Payment Plan instalments have been paid in full.

Only one upload per Business will be published within the Hospitality Business Club Directory, therefore, we advise that you first check to see that the Business that you wish to upload is not already listed within the Directory. You can simply check this by doing a quick search via the The Places to Eat, Drink, Dine, Stay, Socialise, or Go Search.

If for example you upload a Business that is already listed within the Directory, then your upload will be unfortunately rejected, therefore, this is why we advise you to check before you submit the Business.

The Listing will always remain on the Website in a very basic format at the discretion of Outyego.
OutYeGo may delete, or remove any FREE Uploaded Listings at any time that they so wish, as in reality it is unfair having Free Listings competing with other Members Establishments who have Subscribed to Membership.
However, it does provide Hospitality Business's with a Free Trial Period in order to test the success of having a Full Listing on OYG. 

Start Earning an Extra Incone Now!

This is a fabulous 'Cash Rewards Scheme' to earn some Extra Cash simply by uploading places to eat, drink, dine, stay, socialise, or go for your leisure in your Home Towns, and Cities.

Tell all your Friends now about the 'OYG Cash Rewards Scheme', they'll be pleased you did, and so will your local Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Coffee Shops, Takeaways, Hotels, and anywhere else you can spend your time Leisurely!
Make OYG Online Leisure Club your Part Time, or, Full Time Business Now, Let's do this together, start uploading your favourite Places to Go Now, with the full support of Outyego.