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Discount Vouchers/Coupons/Special Offers/Meal Deals Uploading for a Business Member

All Professional Members will be able to upload any discount vouchers, coupons, special offers, or meal deals that they may be using currently simply by uploading the file in to the appropriate place within their profile listing on Outyego. The files must be in JPG format.

As Members you will be able to upload and change your discount vouchers, coupons, special offers, or meal deals at any time you wish to as and when you change your discount offers. Also, as Members you have full control of your Listing within the Business Club Directory.

If you have a ready prepared voucher, coupon, special offer, or meal deal on your PC, then simply upload it, making sure that it is in JPEG format.

If, however, you only have the Artwork, for example your Logo, or any images you wish to use, you can download a discount voucher template from our website in order for you to design your own voucher, or coupon.

Once you are satisfied with the design of your voucher, save it to your desktop as a JPG and then upload the voucher within your listing on the website in the appropriate place.

Members of the General Public will then be able to download your vouchers, and coupons to use at your Establishments whether they are a member or not of Outyego.
We also encourage you to utilise Outyego's generic Discount Vouchers also by simply deciding what designated discount that you would like to offer members of Outyego.

This can be done simply by stating in the Description of your Establishment that you offer Outyego Members a specific Discount form the outyego website.

For example, you may wish to offer members of outyego a discount of 10-50% off their food bill! or perhaps you may have a 2x1 offer that you may wish to offer People.

The Discount Vouchers, Special Offers, and Meal Deals can be downloaded from the website of outyego by our members and utilised at your establishment to qualify for the discount that you have on offer.

If our members, or non members do not have access or are unable to print out the discount vouchers, or special offers on offer, they will be able to claim the discount simply by showing you the offer that you may have on their mobile, or tablet whilst at your establishment in order to qualify for the Discount on offer.

The operation of the Discount Scheme that the establishment may choose to use is solely the responsibility of the Business Members Establishment, and they may choose, if they so desire to decline any discount on offer whenever they wish. 

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