Ambassador Introduction

Earn Money every time a Business purchases a Subscription, and get paid on annual renewals!

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Becoming a Promotional Ambassador..

1. Any member of can become an Ambassador, simply fill out the Ambassador Application (). however, if you are not already a Member ()

2. Enter your Outyego username in the form. (image link)

3. We will send you Two ambassador codes, one unique ambassador code in order for you to claim your 60% Gratuity Payment from the chosen Subscription, and another whereby you can offer the Establishment a 10% discount by supplying them with your 10% Discount Code. If you choose to use your 10% Discount Code then your Gratuity Payment will be reduced to 50% of the Subscription chosen. 

4. Give your Unique Code to any Restaurant, Bar, Cafe, Coffee Shop, Takeaway, Hotel, or Leisure Business you wish, or as an incentive you may use your 10% Discount Code, to provide the Business with a discount of 10%.

5. The email address you use in the application form can be different to the one you used to register as an OYG Member but it MUST be assigned to your PayPal Account for you to receive payment.

6. If you choose to use the 10% Discount Code then The establishment you recommend, and whom Subscribe will receive a 10% discount instantly by entering your code in the "Ambassador Discount Code" on the subscription form. (image link)

7. You will receive your payment/s in your PayPal Account at the end of the next calendar month.

8. There is also marketing material available (here) to assist you.

We hope you have a great time on the website making friends, and have a very profitable time helping us promote our website and great place's to enjoy for both Leisure, and Pleasure everywhere.

By ticking the "I agree to terms" on the ambassador application form we make a written contract.
These are the full Terms and Conditions of that contract.

Welcome to the Outyego Ambassador Programme

Outyego Social Members become a 'Promotional Ambassador' and start recommending to your local Restaurants Bars Coffee Houses Cafés Hotels Take Aways, and Any Social Meeting Establishment for pleasure, or leisure and start earning some cash now!

Becoming an 'OYG Promotional Ambassador'

In order to participate in the OYG Ambassador Programme, you must be an OYG Member. Once you have registered as a member you can then simply complete your online application to the Ambassador Programme in order to promote our services. You agree that any registration information provided to the Company will be up to date and accurate. Outyego reserves the right to deny entrance to its Ambassador Program.

Company Promotion

Simply recommend to your local lesisure, and pleasure business establishments and receive a Gratuity Payment of their subscription, thus also providing the establishment with the opportunity of a 10% Discount from the Subscription Fee if you so choose.
All you have to do is tell your local Restaurant or Bar for example to have a look at our incredible website, recommend them to join, supply them with your Personalised code of choice, and ask them to input your Personalised code on registering in the appropriate place on the Subscription Form, and you will earn your Gratuity Payment from the Subscription Fee paid.

You will also be able to download and print promotional documents and materials from the website whereby
you will be able to write and insert your personal Reference #Code of choice in order to receive your
Gratuity payment, all you need to do is simply hand in the document to the Manager,
or Owner of the Establishment.