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Online to Offline, what can Outyego offer you Socially?  


Outyego is a Specialist Online Leisure Club & Business Bud for all Leisure and Pleasure Hospitality Business's Worldwide such as Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Cafes, Takeaways, and for People that specifically work within these types of Business's, as well as Members of the Public who just love to Eat Drink Dine Out Socialise, Stay, and Go to great places for their leisure and pleasure Worldwide!

We provide you, the user, with as much information as possible in order for you to search, find, and compare where to eat, drink, dine, stay, socialise, and go in the vacinity you are, or the area you are considering to seek your leisure and pleasure.

You do not need to be a Member of OYG in order to fully utilise the services on offer on our Website, however, if you do choose to become a Member then this will allow you to make Posts to the Social Stream, and Blog Stream which can either be published Globally for the whole World to see, or just to your acquired friends and, or, family on OYG.

Whether you are a Member or not, you can recommend your favourite places to eat, drink, dine, stay, socialise, or go to others on the Website simply by uploading a Leisure and Pleasure Business to go with the possibility of being financially rewarded by way of a Cash Reward, or Gift Voucher Reward in the future if the Business that you enlist ever Claims their Listing by paying a Subscription. This will help others when they are seeking, and searching for the best places to eat, drink, and dine, stay, socialise, or go in your locality, and possibly provide you with a Cash Reward, or Gift Voucher Reward for doing so. It will only take 2-3 minutes of your precious time to upload an Establishment to the Business Directory of OYG, and you will remain the owner of the Listing until it is claimed or not.

Members of the General Public, as well as Members of OYG can also utilise the Discount that is on offer from many of our Business Member's Establishments simply by mentioning that you seen and found them on OYG. 

Members of the General Public, as well as OYG Members can also freely recommend any Listing that is found on OYG, and you can also register a vote for any Establishment you may find on OYG.

OYG Members can utilise the Website also as an additional Tool in order to seek that special Date, or companion for friendship by using the in depth search features on OYG, thus also providing you with great choices of where to go and meet for that first time date or meeting within your locality. You will also have access to the Special Dine 2 Date Event evenings that are held by some of our Business Members Establishments on OYG.

Also, everyone Worldwide will have access to search specifically for Listings that have viewable 'Restaurant Menus' within their Listing, and Discount, or Meal Deal Offers, if this is what you are mainly seeking.

Members can also organise Special ' Dine to Find at Mine ' Evenings at their Homes, or at OYG Members Business Establishments on a Group basis via the Website of OYG, a whole load of fun for all!

If you do join OYG start uploading your Selfie's of your Social Nights Out for us all to enjoy and share. If you use FB, Instagram, or Twitter, then please do consider OYG as your additional specialised choice!

What can Outyego do for your Business?

OYG is your best alternative option to current review websites on the www, and to one in particular, of which we all know.

Why is OYG so different to all other Hospitality Busiiness Websites on the www? Well firstly, people do not review your Establishment, they recommend it. You may ask what is the difference, well this is quite obvious to see in the fact that your Business will only recieve recommendations from people who were satisfied with their experience at your establishment, as opposed to those who may take the opportunity to find a fault with something or other, who then sadly choose to tell everyone on review websites, instead of addressing the problem as it occurs which of course can be very damaging for your Business.

In reality you may have what is called a Free Listing on these review websites, however, always remember that it is the General Public that in reality have total control in what is said about your establishment, and we at OYG think that it is you the Business owner who should have total control on how your Business is portrayed on the www.

OYG is a Subsciption based Website for all Leisure and Pleasure Hospitality Business's Worldwide as opposed to a Website that profits from advertising revenue, or commissions taken from ordered Takeaways, or Table Reservations that are made. We solely wish to support all Leisure and Pleasure Hospitality Business Owner's Worldwide in providing them with a Place that is affordable to everyone in order to market and promote their Business in the best possible way on the www.

One of the main benefits with OYG is the ability to monitor just how many people are viewing your Listing within the Business Directory, as well as your Website, FB Page, Twitter Page, Menus, Videos, Table Reservation Page, and so much more. This will then provide you with a very good idea on just how many people are finding your Business on OYG, and then after your first year of Membership you can then assess whether you wish to renew your Membership, or not for another year. We believe if you gain at least 1% of the people who view your Listing on OYG who choose to visit your Establishment then this amount would be suffice to at least cover your Subscription Cost, bearing in mind that Google themselves state that it is more likely to be 65%.

On OYG their is no limit to the amount of information that you can portray within your Listing.

People can search the OYG Business Directory in many ways to find your Leisure and Pleasure Hospitality Business. They can search directly for Listings with viewable Restaurant Menus specifically, or Places that offer Discount, and, or  Meal Deals that may be on offer from Business Members Establishments.

People can also make Table Reservation Bookings at your Establishments directly with yourselves with no commissions taken by OYG. They can either book a Table via your Website Reservation Page directly, or they can Book a Table via the OYG Table Reservation System if you have chosen to pay the one off Fee in order to set up this option within your Listing.

Leisure and Pleasure Hospitality Business's can also utilise the OYG Job Board to advertise current job vacancies that you may have to offer, and potential employees who are seeking employment within the Hospitality Industry can upload their Curriculum Vitaes and apply for your job vacancies advertised directly with you the Employer online via OYG.

You the Business Owner can also download Recomendation Table Slips from the website of OYG which you can place on your Tables in order to encourage people to recommend your establishment on OYG.

You will also recieve a Free OYG Window Sticker that you can display at your Establishment stating that you are a 'Fab Place to Be' to Eat Drink Dine Stay Socialise, or Visit!

You can also organise Dine 2 Date Events at your Establishment with the help and assistance from an OYG Events Ambassador which is a great way to gain custom on your quieter nights.

Lastly, there is one very important factor not to forget, and that is that you can also make postings to the Social Stream, and the Blog Stream of OYG which is open for all to see on the Home Page of OYG, another great optional functionality on OYG to promote your Business. 

Restaurant, Bar, Cafe, Coffee Shop, Take Away, Hotel, Holiday/Short Term Accommodation, and Leisure & Pleasure Business Owners

If you happen to see a Basic Listing of your Business within the Business Directory of Outyego that may of been uploaded by a Member of the Public, you can claim your Listing by clicking on the 'Claim this Listing' Tab within the Listing, or by contacting our Support Team at OYG.
By claiming your Listing you can gain total control of the Listing in it's full entirety by adding more information, photos, videos, etc, as well as gaining access to much more Features, thus, providing your Business with a much improved Professional Listing within the Business Directory Section of Outyego providing potential customers with a mass of information as to why they should choose to go and visit your Establishment.

Jobs 3 2Amazing Offer to all Leisure & Pleasure Business Owners

Enlist your Restaurant, Bar, Cafe, Coffee Shop, Takeaway, Hotel, Accommodation Business, Place of Leisure and Pleasure in the Outyego Business Directory for the cost starting from only £29.00 for Standard Membership, and we will provide you with your User Name and Password in order for you to add as much information as you so wish.This is truly an incredible offer in order for you to trial, experience, and monitor the benefits of displaying your Establishment on OYG.

If you are interested in this fabulous offer then please email us for more information at [email protected]

Google Street View Maps 360° Virtual Tour & 360° Live in Action Video

Outyego have a Special Promotional Offer at the moment for all Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Hotels, and all Leisure and Pleasure Business's within the region of the Costa del Sol in Spain!

Have a 360° Virtual Tour produced of the interior of your Establishment which is then uploaded to Google Street View Maps. This a fantastic opportunity to promote exactly how your Establishment really looks and feels like to potential clients which in turn provides them with a great insight on where to choose somewhere to Eat, Drink, Dine, Stay, or Go.

A link to the Google Virtual Tour can also be placed on your Website, Facebook Page, and Outyego, as well as being accessed directly on Google Street View Maps.

Also have a Live in Action 360° Video produced of your Establishment which professionally portrays exactly how your Establishment normally looks and functions in a live situation.
It could be your Restaurant Dining Room, or Bar, or your Hotel Reception, where ever you wish to promote.
Your Guests and Clients will need to be aware that they are in a Live Action Video which will be promoted Worldwide. This can always be made aware to people both prior and during filming the 360° Video.

The Normal Cost for a Google 360° Shoot is 119.00€, however, if you choose to Subscribe to Featured Membership Annually with Outyego at a cost of 119.00€ as well, we will place One Google 360° Photo in the 360° Image & Video Gallery Slider on the Home Page of OYG for One Full Year for free, the normal cost for this service is 149.00, we will also upload the 360° Photos taken of your Establishment to your Business Listing directly on Google Street View Maps.

Current Outyego Members may also have the this produced for the cost of a one off payment of 119.00€ for The Google 360° Virtual Tour, or 99.00€ for the 360° Live Action Video.

This truly is a Fabulous way of both Marketing and Promoting your Establishment to the General Public Worldwide on the www.
Do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

Outyego in the near future will offer this Service to Business's in various regions of the UK, Ireland, and other regions of Spain, so watch this space!