Dine 2 Date Events

Dating 2Restaurants and Hotels Worldwide who subscribe to OutYeGo Membership now have the opportunity to host 'Dine 2 Date Events' at their Establishments, providing that an Outyego Events Ambassador is operating within their locality.

The Events will be organised and promoted by an Outyego Events Ambassador towards people within the locality of the Establishment who are seeking Dinner Dates, or who wish to meet others socially through Eating Drinking and Dining Out.
Restaurants and Hotels who Subscribe to Featured Membership with OYG will be entitled to at least one 'Dine 2 Date' Event at their Restaurant or Hotel which will be organised by an OYG Events Ambassador.
People who wish to attend these special events will pay a minimal event joining fee of which shall be paid to the Events Ambassador of OYG.
The Restaurants and Hotels who wish to have an Event at their Establishment will also pay the Dine 2 Date Events Ambassador a 10-15% Gratuity Payment of the total cost of the bill from the people who attend the Event, and the Restaurant, or Hotel will of course make their financial gain from all the people who attend the Event.

The Event Ambassador will aim to attract at least 10 Females, and 10 Males of all ages to attend the Events
The Evening and date on which the Event will take place will of course be chosen by the Restaurant Owners.


This is a fantastic opportunity for all Restaurant and Hotel Owners in order to gain more customers through their Doors on the Restaurants, or Hotels quiet nights, and it is a fabulous opportunity for people who are seeking to meet others through Eating Drinking and Dining Out in their locality.

Another Great Reason to Subscribe to Outyego, the number one Specialist Online Social Club Network for all Eating Drinking and Dining Out Establishments, and for People who just love to Eat Drink and Dine Out Socially!

Dine 2 Date Ambassadors Required

 Outyego are seeking people who would like to become 'Dine 2 Date Event Ambassadors' in all Towns and Cities Worldwide.

You must first of all Sign Up to Membership of Outyego, and then fill in the online Application Form to become an Ambassador of OYG.

You will then be required to send an e mail to [email protected]outyego.com expressing that you wish to organise Dine 2 Date Events in your Home Town or City. You will be given full support from OYG, and you will be given advice on how to organise an Event in your locality.

The Events will be organised through the Online Leisure Club Network by the Ambassadors, and the Events can be promoted, and marketed via other platforms of Social Media.

The Restaurants or Hotels that you choose to hold an Event at must be a Full Subscribing Member of OYG, and their Business of course must be listed within the Business Directory of Outyego.
Also, all the people that you manage to get to go to the Event must also be encouraged to Sign Up to Membership of OYG for Free in order for them to see the details and updates of the Event etc on the Outyego Website.
This can be a very rewarding job both financially and Socially for those who would like to earn an extra income.
You will simply treat OYG as if it was your own Business with full support from Outyego.

Outyego is your Online Social Network Business Club, so make it your Business now to become an OYG Ambassador and start earning
some extra cash. For Further Details see - 'Ambassador Programme' and 'Ambassador Terms and Conditions' on OYG.