Video & 360º Image Production

video production

Hire the Professional Services of an OYG Videographer, or Photographer to take the promotion of your Hospitality Business online to the next level.

Have a promotional Live Video of your Establishment produced, starting from only £199.00 to £399.00 which is uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and OYG. This Service is currently only available in the Andalucia Region of Spain.

Have a promotional 360° Video of your Establishment produced from only £69.00 which is uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, and Outyego.

Have a Google Street View Maps 360° Virtual Tour produced from only £119.00. Showcase your Business and the Interior of your Establishment directly on Google Street View Maps with additional Links to view on your  Facebook Page, Website and Outyego.

You may also choose to have the 360° Image of your Establishment displayed on the Home Page of OYG in the 360° Image/Video Slider for the mere cost of only 49.00€ per year for the whole World to see.

You can also share a collection of your 360° Images on your FB Page, and Twitter, with your Friends, or anyone to see for a one off payment of only 49.00€.

Google Street View Maps 360° Virtual Tour & 360° Live in Action Video

Have a 360° Virtual Tour produced of the interior of your Establishment which is then uploaded to Google Street View Maps. This a fantastic opportunity to promote exactly how your Establishment really looks and feels like to potential clients which in turn provides them with a great insight on where to choose somewhere to Eat, Drink, Dine, or Stay.

A link to the Google Virtual Tour can also be placed on your Website, Facebook Page, and Outyego, as well as being accessed directly on Google Street View Maps.

Also have a Live in Action 360° Video produced of your Establishment which professionally portrays exactly how your Establishment normally looks and functions in a live situation.
It could be your Restaurant Dining Room, or Bar, or your Hotel Reception, where ever you wish to promote.
Your Guests and Clients will need to be aware that they are in a Live Action Video which will be promoted Worldwide. This can always be made aware to people both prior and during filming the 360° Video.

This truly is a Fabulous way of both Marketing and Promoting your Establishment to the General Public Worldwide on the www.
Do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

OutYeGo in the near future will offer these Service's to Business's in various regions of the UK, Ireland, and other regions of Spain, so watch this space!