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The OYG Recommendation System that we operate within our website is for those people who simply just wish to tell others about their pleasant experiences that they have had after eating, drinking, dining out or havIng Stayed at various restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee shops, hotels etc, in fact anywhere that they have been eating, drinking, dining out, Stayed, Socialised, or been for their pleasure, and leisure.

We believe that in this day and age there appears to be too many websites on the world wide web that people can write a personal review about their dining, or accommodation experience whether it be good, bad, or indifferent from a personal point of view with regards to their experience. However, we also believe that people have a Democratic right to their opinions, but why is it that some people want to be the judge, jury, and executioner without listeniing to the Defence first of all.

We at OYG feel that it is far better to spread the good news as opposed to the bad. We certainly think that a bad experience can be turned in to a good experience simply by communicating with the establishment of any problems that you may have whilst dining drinking eating or staying at their establishment at the time of your visit, or at least air your views directly after the event with the establishment via an e mail, or leaving a comment on their website before you decide to tell the whole wide world about your personal bad experience.

Sometimes unfortunately in life no matter whether your experience was good, or bad personally to you, it could be the complete reverse for someone else.
It might be you were simply disappointed for example by the ambiance, or the decor of the establishment, or the setting, or the service, but this could be appealing and acceptable to someone else.

We understand good reviews can be fantastic for many establishments providing they are true and honest, however, one bad review can be completely damaging for business and their establishment, and we believe that this is unfair. Unfortunately, it is also apparent that a lot of Establishments are paying marketing companies vasts sums of monies for good fake reviews to enhance their ranking within their locality. We believe that this is totally unfair, as why should an establishment be ranked on the amount of good reviews that they recieve whether they are true or false, it's just simply not right for Hospitality Business's to be ranked by what people have to say about their Business, it should be a level playing field for everyone, whereby people can truly recommend their joyful experiences for others to view and make up their own minds as to whether they wish to pay a visit to an Establishment.

We think it is far better to try and resolve any issues that you may have of your unpleasant experience as the event is happening, simply air your views immediately with the Owner, or the Manager of the establishment to see if your issues can be resolved amicably.

It is clear that one person may particularly enjoy a certain meal at an establishment, and another may feel that the meal was not to their liking, or the accommodation was good for some, or not so good for others.
Of course this will always be the case, but we think it is far better for people to find out for themselves, as opposed to listening to other peoples views as we are all different.

We think if for whatever reason you are unhappy with your dining out, or accommodation experience and you cannot resolve any issues that you may have during your visit, then the simple solution is to not return to the Establishment, and accept that it was an unfortunate experience, as life as we know it, is full of experiences both good and bad for each and everyone one of us.

All written comments, and recommendations written about our members establishments on Outyego will be monitored by our administration staff, and if we feel that the comments are unfair and damaging to our members establishments, the comments that are written will not be published live on the website.
We want to see constructive, and fair comments for our members so that they can correct any issues that you may of had after your personal  experience, and for them to learn from your experience at their establishments whether it be good, or not so good.

We do hope both our social members and members of the public will grasp this recommendation system, and spread only the good news for all to see, let us all leave the professional constructive reviewing, whether it be good, bad, or indifferent to the professionals, who make a living from it, or to people who just wish to air their personal frustration on the www. for others to judge.
Therefore, let's all start making recommendations now for others to see on