Sensible Safety Guidelines

Enjoy using Outyego by following a few sensible safety guidelines:

Do not let peer pressure or what other people are doing on our site convince you to do something you are not comfortable with.

Be wary of publishing any identifying information about yourself in your posts, such as phone numbers, pictures of your home, workplace or school, your address or birthday.

Pick a user name that does not include any personal information.

Set up a separate email account to register and receive mail from the site. That way if you want to close down your account/page, you can simply stop using that mail account. Setting up a new email account is very simple and quick to do using such providers as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or gmail.

Use strong passwords.

What goes online stays online. Do not say anything or publish pictures that might later cause you or someone else embarrassment.

Never post comments that are abusive or may cause offence to either individuals or groups of society.

Be aware of what friends post about you, or reply to your posts, particularly about your personal details and activities.

Remember that many companies routinely view current or prospective employees' social networking pages, so be careful about what you say, what pictures you post etc.

Learn how to use the site properly. Use the privacy features to restrict strangers' access to your profile. Be guarded about who you let join your network.

Be on your guard against phishing scams, including fake friend requests and posts from individuals or companies inviting you to visit other pages or sites.

If you do get caught up in a scam, make sure you remove any corresponding likes from your account.

Ensure you have effective and updated antivirus/antispyware and firewall running before you go online.

Make sure that you are always in control of what happens. Do not let anyone pressure you into giving away more information than you feel comfortable with.

Do not post personal information, such as phone numbers.

Wait until you feel comfortable with an individual before telling them things like your phone number, place of work or address.

Be extremely wary about removing clothes or doing other things in front of your webcam, that could be used against you even if you think you know the other party.

It is very common for fraudsters to start an online 'relationship' with the sole aim of scamming you out of savings. Don't fall for hard luck stories.

If someone you meet online is sincerely interested in you, they will want you to feel safe and they will be happy to let you apply a few common sense rules when you meet:

Always meet and stay in a populated public place.

Do not accept a lift from your date.

Do tell a friend or family member who you are meeting, where you are going and when you will be back.

Stay sober.

Take your mobile phone and keep it switched on.

Your personal belongings can be stolen. Your drink can be drugged. Don't leave them unattended.

Never give out passwords, credit card information or other private data.

Be very wary of disclosing any private information to a stranger you meet via instant messaging. Even apparently innocent information like the name of your employer can be used against you by fraudsters.

Never click on links that you receive through instant messaging from people that you do not know and trust, and that you have never met in real life.

Instant Messaging is not encrypted so do not use it to transmit information such as credit card numbers or other sensitive information.

Another way Members may utilise Outyego in order to find an ideal friend, or future partner, is to Host a Dinner Date Evening within their homes. It goes without saying, we would recommend that these evenings are organised on a party, or group basis whereby four members, two female, and two male for example, can get to know one another through Outyego with a view to eventually all four meeting at one of the members homes for Dinner.

If OYG members choose to have a social dinner date within their home, then we would recommend highly that the people that you choose to invite in to your home are vetted stringently and various security measures are taken by yourself.

Outyego will not take any responsibility, or accept any liability that may arise from such an event, but we feel this is a fantastic way of meeting and finding that special person, and to show off your cooking skills.

Do not let children use Outyego unsupervised.